The Archive

The Archive is our catalogue of everything we have designed, built and sold through the history of The Bookhouse.

  • Cyvasse: A Game of Thrones Board Game

    This board game has been developed from fan-made rules and the few mentions it gets in the Song of Ice and Fire books. Each symbol has been hand-drawn then laser engraved into each piece. The board and all the pieces have then been hand-finished and waxed for protection.

    Limited edition of 73. Once for each episode of Game of Thrones.

  • Iterations: Creativity Cards

    These cards help creative thinking by giving suggestions on how to process the output. They work as a set of guitar effect pedals to your process. There is an input, a set of ambiguous instructions that can be applied to this input, and an undetermined output created by these effects.

    Limited edition of 52. One per card in a deck of cards.

  • Chess set for the blind and partially sighted

    This chess set uses the shape of the movement of play as piece identifiers; warm- or cold-to-touch materials to help differentiate white and black; and are large and comfy enough not to get accidentally knocked.

    Limited edition of 1 prototype.

  • SLAB: Portable Laptop Desk

    SLAB was born out of need of a laptop desk to go on my knees. Has cooling holes, a carry handle, slot for phones / tables with cable hole and a space for a mouse or a notebook.

    Limited edition of 23.